Deno 1.0 – the new rival of Node.js?

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Ryan Dhal created Node.js in 2009, and he’s recently announced the arrival of his latest baby, Deno.

Deno 1.0 is a runtime that allows you to run JavaScript and TypeScript code. Like Node.js, Deno uses the Chrome JavaScript engine V8. Deno is written in the Rust language.

In case you haven’t noticed, Deno is also an anagram of Node 😉

Deno was created in order to offer a productive and secure development environment in JavaScript, using native TypeScript support. Basically, Deno works very similarly to Node.js.

Deno, however, seems to also be less demanding than its predecessor. Indeed, it has addressed and solved problems that have remained unresolved with Node.js.

Deno can fill the gaps that exist in Node.js, especially in terms of security.

What strengths can we expect from Deno?

The site provides all the instructions for developers to install Deno.

This new language will not use the NPM package manager; it will directly load the modules by indexing the URLs and paths to the different files.

Deno already has many strengths:

  • Runtime: within a single executable called the denocode, it’s possible to execute both JavaScript and TypeScript,
  • Secure by default: no access to files, the environment or the network is possible if access is not explicitly enabled,
  • A single JavaScript file: grouping of scripts in a single JavaScript file,
  • Deno infocode is an integrated dependency inspector,
  • Deno provides a code trainer and audited standard modules.
  • All of the asynchronous actions return a promise.

Creator Ryan Dhal has also said that Deno aims to simplify the JavaScript landscape with a scripting environment that is both fun and productive.

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