4 Digital Transformation Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)

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Companies seeking to adapt to the digital world can be held back by a range of factors – none of which are insurmountable.

The idea that companies need to embrace digital if they are to survive and thrive in the current economy is now well-established.

We’ve already discussed the idea of Digital Transformation, as well how the Covid-19 crisis has made it more important than ever.

In this article, we’re going to present some of the main challenges we have witnessed companies encountering in their attempts to digitally transform, and what can be done to counter these obstacles.

First, let’s take a brief look back at what Digital Transformation is, and what it involves.

Digital Transformation: Key Points

First, it’s important to remember that every company is different, and strategies should never be adopted or applied without first understanding the context, goals and abilities of each company.

However, that being said, there are certain aspects of digital transformation that can apply to any company, regardless of its size, location and scope of business.

With that in mind, a Digital Transformation process needs to:

  • Understand a business and its customers’ needs, and serve them better.
  • Align itself with the company’s goals, and not work against them.
  • Be created in a way that will facilitate or make future transformations easier.

Digital Transformation: Key Challenges (and Solutions)

So, once a company has understood digital transformation, and has taken the decision to embark on one, what are some of the obstacles and challenges that they may encounter?

Entrenched Systems

One of the main challenges we’ve witnessed among companies seeking to adopt new digital processes, systems and approaches is that their pre-existing way of doing things makes change difficult.

Solution: When it comes to any major shift in operations or strategy, it’s important to have the support of the people who will be involved. Take time to explain your strategy to employees and co-workers, showing how the planned transformation will benefit them and the business.

Disruption to Business

Another major complaint and worry among businesses considering digital transformation is that the process will have a negative impact on business operations in the short or medium term. Many companies avoid undertaking a digital transformation because they’re worried that they’ll not be able to serve customers adequately while the process is ongoing.

Solution: Digital transformation does not need to be rushed; after all, it’s a long-term, continuous process. A professional IT consulting company will be able to provide a roadmap that adapts to your business’ capacity and responsibilities to customers.

Thinking ‘too small’

Companies often think of digital transformation as simply upgrading a specific component of their business through the use of digital tools, for example, by creating an e-commerce platform on their website. While that may usually be a good idea, it will need to be supported and facilitated by other structural changes to the company. Applying digital transformation selectively and not holistically can lead to unnecessary work and more problems in the long run.

Solution: Create a well-thought-out, comprehensive digital transformation strategy for your entire business operations. Even if it’s a long-term strategy, at least it will be coherent and unified.

Burdening your employees

In most efficient workplaces, employees are already busy with tasks. Unless you’re a big company that has dedicated teams for digital transformation and IT system evolution, it doesn’t make sense to put the onus on employees to develop and enact a digital transformation strategy; that has a high chance of resulting in resistance and resentment to the process.

Solution: For most small to medium-sized companies, it makes a lot of sense to bring in a trusted and qualified IT / Digital Consultant that can work with you to develop a digital transformation strategy that is adapted to your company’s needs and situation.

Doing so will provide fresh insight and ideas, and the experience of talent who have experience in the field. This will also avoid putting the burden of the process on your employees, and is less likely to disrupt your operations as it is happening.

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