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Because of bad experiences or a bad image, many companies have a bad idea of ​​offshore. Back to some myths.

The term offshore has no good press. But, what is the relationship between outsourcing a IT project and the Panama Papers scandal? Do not look, there is none. Even today, the mistake is total and it is not the only problem. Here are some misconceptions about outsourcing an offshore IT project.

“Offshore services? I do not know. On the other hand, if you talk about outsourcing in France or abroad, here I want to talk.”

We said it above. The simple term offshore arouses all fantasies, while it is only to outsource its IT project elsewhere than in France. Recall it: Offshoring is the way for a company to obtain competent resources at a more attractive price. It can also help you overcome an activity overload or benefit from HR flexibility. In short, it saves you from firing.

Opting for this method of work can take a lot of stress away, as long as you choose good offshore IT partner.

« Offshore outsourcing? No thanks. I had a bad experience in Asia”

When it comes to offshore computing, many companies think of an army of Pakistani developers. Of course, prices are competitive, but fishing quality is very common. There are several reasons for this: lack of transparency, communication problem, culture difference, jet lag, incessant turnover, etc.

But why go so far? A company can outsource its IT project in an area much closer to our culture and time zone. For example, Bocasay has a team of competent developers in Madagascar. In addition to speaking French, there is only two hours of jet lag maximum, which makes the process much easier.

Another advantage, for the price of a developer in France, you can benefit from the skills of 4 confirmed developers in Madagascar. Your ambitions may be bigger.

“What ?! Offshore outsourcing? And why are you contacting me? What makes you think I’m interested? Okay, send me a documentation”

It’s a fact. For many companies, the offshore outsourcing does not concern them. In any case, they do not want to be perceived as such. « Many of our customers do not want that to be known. They are afraid of having a bad image. As for satisfied customers, they do not necessarily want to communicate. As a result, only bad experiences come out, “says Bocasay’s co-founder, Romain Juillet. 

Many companies, however, say they are interested and are willing to give it a try. It must be said that the game is worth the effort.

“But, do they have electricity your engineers in Madagascar?”

Obviously, it is difficult to outsource an IT project without electricity … However, the question comes up regularly. The fault of the ignorance of a country which, let’s face it, seldom enters the radar of the French news. However, do not worry, Bocasay has high-end logistics : generator, dual fiber optics, powerful PCs, videoconferencing room, etc.

And then there are also french engineers at Madagascar . In addition, the turnover is very low, thanks to the strong HR policy put in place for French and Malagasy employees . Bocasay always seeks to work on the long term, both for its customers and for its employees. It’s a strong commitment that we take very seriously.

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