3 Key Reasons to Outsource your IT Needs

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Enlisting the services of an external IT team is a powerful strategy for any company.

While the Covid-19 crisis has brought a halt to much of the international travel and mobility we have taken for granted over the last four decades, it has not managed to stop the underlying force beneath it: globalization. 

Globalization has brought a wide, often complex array of changes to the world – most positive, and some negative. 

But what underpins globalization is an interconnection of individuals and societies that transcends physical location. And that interconnection is made possible through technology

We will argue that one of the clear benefits of our current age of technologically-driven globalization is the ability for people located in different parts of the world to collaboratively work on shared projects and visions. 

This potential allows companies to leverage the vastly larger range of advantages on offer across the world, compared to the limited – and often expensive – resources available in their own countries. 

And when it comes to IT outsourcing, the benefits are not just limited to having access to larger pools of talent. 

Below, we’ll take a look at the three main reasons – and advantages – of choosing to outsource your IT needs

1. Costs

It is a well-known fact that labor costs in western countries are much higher than those in developing countries. This disparity exists for many reasons, most of which are beyond the scope of relevance for this article. 

However, a gap in labor costs does not equate to a gap in abilities and talents of workers in different countries. Labor costs stem from broader macroeconomic conditions in given economies, and not from the education levels or abilities of the individual workers within them. 

That being said, outsourcing IT needs to talented developers and technicians in developing countries will not be exploitative if it is done through a reputable and responsible company. On the contrary, it can be considered an investment in the economies of countries that are growing and are welcoming to foreign business. 

And although developing countries tend to have lower labor costs and wages, they also tend to have lower costs of living. Bocasay’s IT professionals in Mauritius, Vietnam and Madagascar are all paid competitive wages for the economies of their given countries, but offer rates that are still highly competitive when compared to the west. 

2. Flow

The next clear advantage offered by IT outsourcing is the ability to have a team of dedicated IT professionals consistently and continuously working on your IT project. 

This brings with it considerable advantages in terms of saving time, allowing projects to be completed faster than if you were attempting to allocate the human capital of your own company to the task(s) at hand.

This becomes even more relevant for IT projects with an open-ended or continuous work requirement, such as continuous website maintenance or an upgrade-intensive product. 

By outsourcing your IT needs, you can be sure that there will be a dedicated team working on your project, which is not distracted by the other tasks that your company’s business operations may demand.  

Which leads us to our final point. 

3. Focus

Outsourcing your IT needs to an external team of developers will allow your company the time and space to focus on the core demands and operations of your business. 

If the IT outsource partner you have chosen is professional, transparent and effective, this will translate into peace of mind that your IT needs are being taken care of. 

This can give you the freedom and ability to use your own company’s resources to optimize your own processes and business activities, the value of which is priceless. 

Do you have an IT project you want to push forward, but haven’t been able to because of the demands of the rest of your business? Get in touch to find out how Bocasay can help you make it happen. 

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