Using Outsourcing to Reduce Your IT budget

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Learn how to save time and money by outsourcing your IT tasks to dedicated teams of specialists. 

Outsourcing 101 – The Basics

Outsourcing means hiring a party or service from outside a company or business to perform tasks that would have normally taken place within the company – that is, in-house.

While there are 3 main types of outsourcing – offshoring, near-shoring and on-shoring – an outsourced business partner can be based anywhere in the world.

As a business strategy, outsourcing helps companies identify and stay focused on their core business aspects more efficiently and this is especially true within the IT sector.

Do you really need to own a high-maintenance data-storage server if you can pay for reliable cloud-storage services based outside the company? 

There is no need to try and perform all required tasks in-house, if you could hire others to do it for you just as well and cheaper.

Essentially a cost-cutting and efficiency-boosting business strategy, outsourcing allows businesses to save costs and time by distributing resources where they can be most effective.

Outsourcing & IT

The information technology industry has a lot to offer companies that choose to outsource certain company functions and entrust these tasks to partners who can often deliver projects faster, better and cheaper.

Some of the most commonly-outsourced IT functions include web and mobile development, software development, application management, cloud-storage, tech support services and telecommunication infrastructure.

Apart from a major cost reduction – because of wage differences, competitive tax-systems and cheaper infrastructure – outsourcing IT services provides:

  • Global access to IT skills and know-how which could not be available locally.
  • Major time savings as companies don’t need to advertise, hire and train in-house employees.
  • A focus on core in-house company functions as internal company resources can be optimized.
  • Continuous workflows as a result of time-zone differences with outsourced partners.
  • More free time for in-house employees to take on new projects and increase business growth opportunities.

Outsourcing Success Stories

There are a few countries that have emerged in recent years as vibrant hotspots of advanced IT activity, whose strengths can be leveraged for highly effective outsourcing arrangements with customers located in areas with expensive or inadequate IT resources.


In Vietnam, heavy government investment in STEM subjects has resulted in a versatile workforce full of highly-skilled IT workers.

Over the course of a decade, the country has emerged as a powerful IT outsourcing hub, with tech giants like Microsoft, Nokia, IBM, Intel and Samsung Display continuing to invest in Vietnam’s outsourcing success.

Outsourced talent from Vietnam has had an impact on anything from financial services, gaming, software development, as well as emerging tech trends like AI, blockchain and machine learning.

When you factor in a growing IT infrastructure, and when you consider salaries, wage inflation and real-estate costs, Vietnam becomes an attractive outsourcing destination for technology multinationals.


First in Africa for ease of doing business according to the World Bank, the island of Mauritius is another popular IT outsourcing destination.

Political stability, a low-tax regime and a time-zone permitting real-time interaction with Europe are only a few of the attractive perks of outsourcing IT services in Mauritius.

The island nation has become a strategic business location for outsourced IT application development, accounting and finance, as well as maintenance support services.

With high education being a top government priority since the 1970s, the country also boasts a young, well educated workforce which is fluent in both English and French.

At Bocasay, offshore outsourcing is our area of expertise. We have established permanent IT service centers in both Vietnam and Mauritius, as well as Madagascar.

We support our clients throughout their IT projects by providing high-level offshore developers for specialized projects. Web and software development, hosting and design – our partner-network of IT services is a one-shop solution. Get in touch to find out how we can help with your next project.

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