The 4 main benefits of Flutter

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Is the current craze for the relatively young Flutter technology justified? What are the strengths of this new framework? 

We have always preferred native development for quality mobile applications rather than multiplatforms. Is Flutter changing the situation? 

Let’s discover his strengths and the benefits of Flutter for developers and upcoming mobile app projects. 

Definition of Flutter 

Flutter is an open source project developed by Google. It is based on the DART programming language, which was launched in 2011. Flutter is a framework capable of multiplatform development. 

The goal of the Flutter project is to enable the rapid and simplified development of cross-platform mobile applications. In other words, Flutter lets you develop a single application that will work on both iOS and Android platforms. 

The design of the application is the same, whether you are on an iOS or Android device. To achieve this, Flutter offers its own Widgets that integrate iOS and Android graphic elements. 

Advantage #1 – Very good UX performance, close to native 

Flutter offers a common code that works on both iOS and Android . There are no restrictions; you can practically realise anything imaginable.

Advantage #2 – Advantageous framework for developers

“Development is definitely simpler and faster when compared to multiplatform technologies.”

For example, Flutter lets you reload a page instantly without the need for special action.

This reloading of code is highly appreciated by developers, because it makes it possible to simplify the debugging process.

Finally, some say that Flutter is so simple to comprehend that it’s not even necessary to have solid developing knowledge in order to handle it.

Building applications is rendered faster, and compilation time is greatly reduced. This time-saving is made possible by DART’s Hot Reload feature.

Any development environment can be used with Flutter: Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, etc.

Finally the integration of Google Firebase API is also made very simple and seamless.

Advantage #3 – Greatly simplified design

With Flutter it’s much easier to integrate animations into mobile apps.

A wide range of material components are available: Material Design is a visual language proposed by Google for mobile first applications with a ‘Flat Design’ approach.

There are very few limitations; it’s basically possible to achieve anything.

The main thing to know about Flutter: “it’s less code, for the same result as native iOS and Android. “

Benefit #4 – Accelerated and optimized maintenance 

Bug fixes are fast and regular. 

Even older versions of iOS are supported from iOS 8+, and from Android 4.1+.

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