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Offshore computing is positioned today as a growth accelerator for the company. Digitization is an integral part of growth opportunities. In a competitive environment, constantly challenged by model changes, organizations need to adjust and refine their growth strategies.

Integrating digitalization into one or more parts of your business is one of the ways you can stay attractive and competitive in its market.

Starting a computer project leaves very little room for improvisation. This decision is accompanied by the search for the ideal provider to entrust him with his IT project. It’s at this very moment that many decision makers are calling offshore computing companies . In recent years, these companies have attracted more and more companies because decision-makers have realized that it is possible to obtain a quality equivalent to that of IT service providers in France while greatly reducing costs. 

The Offshore IT helps to ensure, revive and reinforce the development of a company. Discover below some arguments that prove it.

I do not have the technological skill and I’m running out of time

Faced with the shortage of developers, it is tedious today to succeed in recruiting a good developer at reasonable costs. 

Software developers are the most sought after profiles on the job market and recruiting the right person requires an investment of time and means and even more when this type of profile is unfamiliar to the organization. 

Use offshore company is to delegate to a IT specialist all the steps to achieve, at a lower cost, the desired IT product. 

The IT sub-contractor implements his expertise:

  • Project pitch : it analyzes the need of the company and helps to clarify its demand .

Selection and recruitment of technical profiles : it selects the relevant profiles that will be able to achieve the IT solution in the technology (s) chosen. 

  • Composition of the project team : different profiles make up the project team: Developer, Lead Developer and Product Owner. 
  • Submission of the project team to the client : the company is aware of this proposal and can interview if she wishes, the proposed team members to challenge them and make sure they match what she is looking for. 
  • Starting the IT project : If the team agrees, the company can start its IT project with its dedicated team managed remotely . 

The specialized company will therefore manage recruitment, management and training ongoing, from the team of engineers working on the company’s IT project. 

The company avoids:

  • To take the risk of being wrong technology or candidate.
  • To go wrong in the methodology to set up. 
  • Any risk related to the structuring of a computer project, since the provider provides the key methods in hand.

In addition the IT service provider provides all the tools and methods necessary for the collaboration between the client company and its offshore team to take place in the best conditions. This frees up time to focus on other strategic goals.

I want to improve my profitability by increasing my margins

Between the cost of recruitment, salary, turnover management, etc. It becomes more than interesting to balance his expenses with an offshore team. Without replacing your current team, the offshore team is positioning itself as a backup to help meet the commitments. We are in the case for example, of a software publisher , who already has his technical team in place. This technical team may need support in software maintenance, implementation of evolutions or to absorb peak workload.

It’s in this context, that offshore team makes sense and costs very interesting.

Comparative TJM (average daily rate) practiced for a developer:

In Madagascar

  • On a package project : between 200 and 300 euros.
  • On a project in a dedicated team: between 100 and 150 euros.

In France

  • On a fixed price project: between 450 and 900 euros.
  • On a project in a dedicated team : between 350 and 750 euros.

Trust is very important in this type of relationship. The ideal is to deal with a service company that has its headquarters in France and who will therefore offer services under French law contracts. Many ESN bring know-how from quality that equals that of French companies. That’s why they are so attractive and attract a growing number of new customers every year. 

The company finds itself in a more serene situation and is more inclined to open up to new perspectives, to create value and to trigger new business. other growth drivers.

It is clear that IT offshore attracts companies that want to increase their agility. Benefit from methods and tools made available by an IT sub-contractor, allows the customer to improve their own internal processes. 

Offshore computing today embodies, for companies wishing to embark on a computer project, the path of all possibilities.

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