Why to outsource your IT development projects?

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All companies may require the services of an offshore IT expert.

The initial need comes from the scarcity and cost of IT resources in France. In this articles, think about integrating a offshore IT provider into its development strategy should prevail. Even an industry expert (digital services company – software engineering company – software editors – etc.) can also use it to get a new way of their business development.

The chosen provider will be able to help the company to answer its stakes on uncontrolled technologies. And if it is difficult to recruit, outsourcing can provide immediate technical capacity to strengthen teams in its technology: PHP, .Net, J2EE, JavaScript, Windev, etc. 

Difficulty recruiting good developer profiles

With the rapid progress of computing, we are in a phase of shortage of developers in France and around the world. Companies are increasingly struggling to recruit and keep competent developers in-house. Profiles are rare and salaries high. Developers are approached every day, some dare not even update their LinkedIn profile for fear of being harassed. Turnover is the fear of recruiters because training and integrating a developer into his teams is expensive. Difficult under these conditions to recruit and maintain a full team internally.

Applying to an offshore partner balances HR risk in your development strategy. The service provider is responsible for getting up and managing a dedicated team for the account of the company, which ensures a significant computer production capacity in reasonable and controlled costs.

Cost of recruiting developers in France

The salaries of developers in France are now higher than those of engineers (non-developers) with equivalent experience. It is quite common for a good developer to ask 45k out of computer school in the Paris region. And I’m talking about developers with no professional experience. If we add the cost of recruitment, daily HR management (holidays, illnesses, etc.), workstation and other fun, the overall cost of a developer in France is very important. For example, calling a developer in France costs , depending on skills and experience. By going through a serious and competent SSII in Madagascar, the Average Daily Rate goes down to 100/150 € per day according to the profiles sought for a team of 3 people. “ It is therefore possible to set up a team of 4 developers in Madagascar for the cost of a developer in France”.

For a fixed budget, is it better to use a developer in France underpaid and therefore not motivated or moderately competent? Or pay a low price but fair to very well pay an offshore developer in relation to the standard of living of the country, allowing you to offer you a rock star of the development highly motivated and involved in the success of your business project ?

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