Programming Language Trends in 2024: Python, PHP and JavaScript Dominate Web Development

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PHP, JavaScript and Python will remain among the most popular languages in 2024
PHP, JavaScript and Python will remain among the most popular languages in 2024

At the end of each year, we like to anticipate the upcoming technological trends for the year ahead. From the rise of low-code solutions to the steady and solid establishment of languages that have been around for over 20 years, let’s discover which languages are worth keeping an eye on in 2024, or the ones that will be indispensable.

As is customary at this time of year, we enjoy glimpsing into what lies ahead in 2024. As digital professionals, we like to stay informed about the future trends that new technologies will offer, especially in areas that interest Bocasay, such as web development.

Heading Towards 2024

At Bocasay, we’ve decided not to break tradition this year and offer you this article on the 2024 trends in development languages, eagerly awaited by many of you.

When we look through our archives, we realize that many articles on the theme of the latest trends have emerged at Bocasay because they appeal to our readers. We’ve brought you a few:

After writing 📝 about trends in various subjects, we thought it might be time to delve a little deeper into the origin of the word “trend.”

What is the etymological meaning of the word “trend”? A little literary digression won’t hurt our geek community, right?

Etymology of the Word “Trend”

The word “trend” traces back to the Latin “tendere,” meaning “to stretch toward” or “to go toward.” It’s like reaching out towards something new and exciting.

Over time, this term has taken its current meaning in French, where it conveys an evolution or movement in a specific direction.

It’s an expressive way to describe how things are evolving in diverse fields like fashion, technology or culture.

In short, “trend” is the perfect word to give impetus to the mind 🚀 to move forward and explore new horizons!

Enough literary chatter; it’s time to get back to our topic: the technological horizons of development languages for 2024.

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Towards more Accessible Web Development?

What if I tell you that I am an approach to web, mobile, or software development that relies on minimizing manual code writing. I represent a concept that aims to facilitate the rapid creation of applications with the least technical expertise possible.

Finally, I am an object that allows users to use intuitive visual interfaces, such as drag-and-drop systems, in order to enable developers and even non-programmers to build applications. What am I?

>>>>>>> Low Code <<<<<

Of course!

According to a study by the American company Gartner, by 2024, 75% of large enterprises will use low-code development platforms to build their custom digital tools, compared to only 25% in 2020.

Among the currently well-known low-code platforms we have the following:

  • Zoho Creator, more oriented towards CRM.
  • for web and mobile applications.
  • Quick Base for quick development and data storage.

Not surprisingly, the Low-Code trend will continue to gain ground in 2024.

Now, what about our little programming languages? 🤔

1. Dutch (or Python 🐍)

What if I tell you that I am a language originally designed to increase developers’ productivity through high-level tools. What do you say?

>>>>>>> Python <<<<<

Without a doubt!

We owe the creation of one of the world’s most well-known languages, Python, to the Dutch developer Guido Van Rossum. This language will remain among the languages to watch in 2024. You can either start learning to code in Python or follow its evolving trends.

For the record, Guido Van Rossum was baptized “Benevolent Dictator for Life” (BDFL), a term that designates him as the supervisor of Python’s development but more importantly as an enlightened 🎾 arbiter in technical debates. This title illustrates both the authority and benevolence with which the BDFL guides this project, ensuring a consistent direction and crucial decisions are made in the interest of the community and the language’s future evolution.

We’ll take pleasure in recalling a few reasons that make Python a key language among countless web and mobile development languages:

  • Python is known for its simple syntax and ease of learning.
  • The Python community has existed for over 30 years, providing extensive documentation 📚.
  • This language has the support of industry giants such as Google and Amazon Web Services, contributing to its popularity.

We’ll end with a little quote from an anonymous author to illustrate Python’s philosophy.

“If you want to develop a program that is easy to use, write it so that you can easily read it.”

2. Greenlandic (or PHP)

In second place, we find, not surprisingly, the indestructible PHP 🦸‍♂️. PHP was created in 1994 (yes, 29 years ago already!) by the famous Greenlandic programmer Rasmus Lerdorf.

In 2024, PHP developers will continue to be in high demand in the job market. Moreover, if you’re looking to hire Symfony developers, we have plenty available.

In the PHP family, we have CMS like WordPress and Drupal. In the e-commerce CMS family, we have the indispensable Prestashop and Magento. Finally, among PHP frameworks, you have Symfony, Zend, Laravel, Phalcon

  • PHP is among the programming languages to follow in 2024 because it has many advantages:
  • PHP is one of developers’ favorite languages ❤️ because it is easy to learn and very accessible.
  • PHP is open-source, facilitating continuous improvement through global collaboration.

This language features a wide range of consultable specialists. Due to its longevity and large developer community, there is an abundance of PHP experts. This proliferation of senior PHP development engineers leads to high competitiveness and lower salaries, which is beneficial for reducing development costs.

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3. Pennsylvanian (or JavaScript 🟨)

We owe the existence of the JavaScript language to the computer scientist Brendan Eich, who is also, to this day, the CEO of Brave Software, one of the most secure web browsers on the market. Among his notable roles, we will also highlight that he was the Chief Technical Officer at Mozilla Corporation for 9 years.

It’s not surprising that JavaScript will be one of the flagship programming languages in 2024, just like its counterparts PHP or Python, and it has been providing 28 years of loyal service to the JS developer community.

We won’t hesitate to quote a specialist American JavaScript programmer, Douglas Crockford, who emphasizes the unique feature of JavaScript that people think they know, that is the language itself without really learning it 😉. At first glance, JavaScript is seen as a very accessible language. Of course, JavaScript remains complex in depth for those who take the time to study it seriously.

Why is JavaScript so attractive?

  • Because it has a very active community, and many JavaScript frameworks exist: Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js, Node.js etc.
  • JS is widely used for a variety of purposes: web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, servers… This ubiquitous presence multiplies the fact that it is an integral part of many aspects of modern technology.

Between low-code solutions that make application creation more accessible, and the steady progress of languages such as Python, PHP and JavaScript, the future of web development for 2024 promises to be both rich and inclusive. The possibilities are limitless, and at Bocasay, we’re eager to help every developer, company and visionary seize these opportunities with creativity!


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