The 7 most sought-after Tech skills in 2020

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Where will businesses turn to in 2020? IT development remains one of the most in-demand skills out there. CodinGame carried out a study on developers and their professions in 2020, and the results are in.

This article is going to reveal and explain the 7 competencies that will be pursued by companies the most this year.

1- Full Stack competence

In a previous article, we outlined the merits and the power of the MERN stack, which includes full stack skills. We’ve lost count of the number of requests for developers that have mastered both front-end and back-end know-how. These profiles are very comprehensive and are able to master the development of a website or a web application from start to finish.

As such, this skill is at the top of the rankings of the most sought-after IT professions. Added to that, IT experts and HR professionals have said they will find it difficult to find full stack skills in 2020.

2- Back End competence

Not surprisingly, back-end developers are still in high demand. They develop the server-side component; a database that lies opposite to the front-end side (user interface). The most well-known back-end languages ​​are Python, Ruby, PHP, the Symfony framework, or even the highly requested Node.js framework.

The hunt for back-end developers is not about to slow down with the ubiquitous and exponential digitalization of businesses around the world.

3- DevOps competence

DevOps skills were also a hot topic during 2019. The demand for developers that have mastered DevOps practices has increased sharply since its appearance in corporate IT projects.

And for good reason; teams that have integrated the DevOps approach into their development produce code 30 times faster than those which use a more traditional method. DevOps considerably increases the efficiency of technical teams and facilitates fast deployment and production of digital solutions.

Companies that have successfully switched to DevOps have achieved optimal efficiency to date.

4- Front End competence

After the back-end naturally comes the front-end. This is the component that is visible to the users of the applications, and computer software. A front-end developer is proficient in JavaScript and HTML and CSS.

Users are increasingly demanding more ergonomic, fluid, clear and accessible websites, and as a result, companies must adapt and be equipped with specialized front-end developer teams. Inclusive design has also recently appeared, which will help redefine what it means to create the best and most responsive sites.

5- The competence of the technical architect

Technical architects are in great demand and are unfortunately few in number. Software architects possess the ability to determine the components and modules that will go on to form a system, to define each one’s functions and to optimize the mode of interaction between them.

A technical architect defines the software architecture of a company in a way that takes into account and supports its business needs.

6- Mobile competence

The relentless wave of technology surrounding our daily lives is above all driven by the daily and massive use of mobile applications. According to Tech Jury, by 2021 the number of smartphone users will have reached 3.8 billion people.

Any company that wants to maintain or grow its performance knows that the move to mobile is obvious.

Unsurprisingly, mobile developers will still be in high demand this year. The volume of employment will increase by 31% by 2026 according to a study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

7- Data Science competence

You are probably aware that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are sectors that are gaining momentum. However, the craze for these new technologies is still in its infancy.

Companies looking to expand or enhance their presence in this field are unsurprisingly on the lookout for profiles specializing in these technologies. The data rush has also prompted companies to seek out people with expertise in data manipulation. This has taken on an added urgency in the current era where cyber security is an essential component of any company’s operations, for the protection of both consumer and business data.

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