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Why SMEs still do not have the offshore reflex for the development of their IT projects?

Originally, when Offshore computing  in France in the 2000s, the major groups left to open development centers ( especially in India) of dozens, even hundreds of developers. The return on investment was only valid for very large projects because the preparation and management phases required for the success of these offshore IT projects were an unacceptable extra cost for small projects. The only offshore solutions for the offshore accessible-to-SME / SMEs  were small local businesses with all the problems that we know about quality and sustainability of the companies. Many SMEs have been disappointed by these cheap but poorly made services. It shows a bad image that still exists today in all minds.

Why is it now available with the Bocasay offer?

Our customers are looking for price of offshore in order to achieve savings (see price comparison France – Madagascar), but this price must be accompanied by reasonable delays and quality irreproachable comparable to what could be obtained by outsourcing to an ESN in France.

Bocasay, which is only in development, has a perfect command of the methods, processes and tools for managing developer teams and physical distance. We offer our customers a complete production solution that exceeds the simple technical expertise of our developers. We usually use the agile method to handle short and effective cycles with daily and weekly meetings, associated with the right ones ticketing, code versionning and chat tools . Combined with good infrastructure, your offshore development team works as if it were in the office next to yours.

This IT service platform  is offered in a legal French framework (our clients contract with the Bocasay headquarters in Paris) while benefiting from the low prices of the offshore.

For which types of IT projects can an SME need the Bocasay offer?

An SME can call an offshore provider for any project type (website , e-commerce, web application / software engineering, etc.), provided that the organization of the organization is square. You have to be able to specify things so that all the project stakeholders, not necessarily physically in the same place, can understand and produce the IT project expected by the client. If needed, we can put a functional project manager in the team who will take care of the functional specifications and respect for the agile methodology for the entire project.

Projects can start from 20 man days (JH) and exceed several hundred JH.

Offshore outsourcing is today a strategic development focus for SMEs.

More than half of Bocasay’s customers are SMEs with between 15 and 150 employees . The needs of our customers are simple. With the explosion of digital and the scarcity of developer profiles in France, they are looking for technical production capacity for their internal and external projects.

Bocasay supports SMEs and mid-marketers in the set up dedicated teams offshore to strengthen existing teams in France by integrating the entire value chain necessary for quality development, all for a very low financial cost.

Do not hesitate to contact us to present your need, we will accompany you.

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