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To deepen your skills and qualities as a developer, or in any other field, keeping an open mind is one of the main keys to success.

Successful developers or people in general are in a state of continuous learning. Understanding dynamic contexts in their entirety and taking them into account is an essential step in the progress of a developer. They need this in order to understand:

Here are the 4 habits of engineers who succeed, progress and are most effective in an IT development project.

Habit # 1: The developer makes a real effort to understand how others work

A good DevOps developer needs to understand the infrastructure of an enterprise’s information system. This includes operational matters as well as strategic plans. If there is a gap in an area in the production or outlay of code, then they focus on that gap in order to fill and consolidate it.

A good DevOps engineer has the ability to produce code, and develop their own interfaces as well as their own tools.

The DevOps developer evolves from a system where they are not everything and where other elements revolve around them. They know the role of each element of the system and therefore understand how to interact and especially to collaborate with each person in the broader business (commercial, marketing, operations, customers, etc.).

Habit # 2: The developer has understood the basics of the technology they are developing

To progress faster than others and gain efficiency and insight about software development issues, it is essential to have understood the foundations of the technology – its underlying structure.

This requires understanding how the technology works before you want to use it, and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. For example, if they want to use a Docker container, they should first deepen their understanding by looking at the functions of Linux and containerization. This habit will greatly facilitate their progress and the success of their choices in assembling the puzzle.

Habit # 3: The Developer moves forward by avoiding prejudice

As you have surely already experienced, prejudice constantly erects barriers in life. The same is true when prejudice persists in a company’s IT development teams. Technology-bound visions hinder efficiency in the long run and can impede the adaptability and agility required in web and mobile application projects.

To advance a project or development, it’s important for developers to possess the bravery to look objectively at the strengths and weaknesses of the technology used in their projects. This can really give a boost to the evolution of the team and their projects.

Habit # 4: The Developer embraces and cultivates simplicity

“Less is more” is a key tenet of any successful developer.

In an age of over-engineering, and a propensity to spend too much on technology, taking a process one step at a time and reflecting on each action is imperative.

Before embarking on complex applications, successful developers will dissect the application into blocks with simple functionalities. They will tie the blocks together as they progress. We tend to often self-inflict additional work, but remember that while over-complicating is always to be avoided, when it comes to achieving simplicity, the devil is in the details.

In our development platforms based in Madagascar, Mauritius and Vietnam, our teams work under the aegis of the Scrum method, an agile method which has proven itself repeatedly. This method is oriented towards customer satisfaction and collaboration, and for good reason.

Want to know more ? Or perhaps you’d like to collaborate with us on a web project. If so, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with additional information on the creation of a dedicated team, or our fixed-price project methods and the implementation of maintenance for your applications.

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