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Today, storytelling embodies one of the most effective ways to link your audience to your brand. It represents the art and manner of storytelling, by focusing on the sensitivity, memory and emotion of your audience. It is used in an effective manner; this process personalizes your audience’s experience with your brand and makes it much more participative.

You understand the behavior of your consumer

You must analyze the behavior of your consumer, before building your story. This analysis will allow you to achieve several objectives:

• Tell a relevant story – “the right message”,

• Come up with a message which shall be in keeping with your target, throughout the process and the digital experience – “at the right place”,

• Achieve your goal at a time where the client will be most receptive: – “at the right time”.

Offer a digital experience which will make an impact on the user.

You must absolutely take the time to think about what experience you wish to make your digital audience experience, at all the stages and places where the customer shall meet you, what experiences do you wish the latter to come across? Put yourself in your user’s shoes, who will be interacting with your brand, over and over again:

• The client will consult your mobile website to find the product he is looking for,

• The client will then download your mobile application to see the range of all the products you have to offer,

• Then he will go on your web application with the desktop version, to order the desired product.

At every given step, every interaction between the visitor and your brand, this user experience must be prepared and well thought out, in advance.

Catching the attention of your target has become a very important challenge for many brands. Therefore, you need to stand out with a story, that shall arouse emotion and strike minds for a long time to come.

How to arouse emotions in your target?

Here are 3 leads to analyze, in order to trigger emotion among your audience.

1. Educate your audience: turn your brand into a useful and credible partner

What does your brand have to offer? Broadcast your know-how and your expertise among your audience.  Through a content marketing strategy, educating your audience comes naturally: you design content which highlights your knowledge and you share your knowledge. Content doesn’t mean commercial, it means being useful. This type of content helps you increase your credibility among your audience

You’re perceived as a media who seems sincere compared to what it has to offer and then you turn into an interesting brand, to follow and keep up with.

Solely by its name, Samsung has managed to create a sincere and useful story by launching an application in Australia, to raise awareness among the population, in terms of the dangers of the ocean currents. The story is of a man who gets trapped in a current and loses all his energy. Samsung then shares the good reflexes to adopt in such a context, with the audience.

2. Be inspiring, your brand has to convey values

Just like Gala was for Dali, turn into a “muse” for your audience. If your audience identifies themselves with you, you become a reference of your own sector. Danone, for example, told the story of the Brazilian ballerina, Ingrid Silva, who embodies obstinacy and excellence. Through the values of this ballerina, Danone highlights its very own values.

3. Entertain your audience.

If you’re entertaining your audience, you’ll be much more likely to convince them when it’s time to choose. If you manage to make your audience laugh, you trigger an atmosphere which favors sharing and make them want to discover other content concerning you: you stir their curiosity. You become a unique and a striking partner.

The brand Oasis has been able to implement this kind of exchange with its consumers, to perfection. By communicating around the concept of talking fruits, their videos on Youtube have received millions of viewers and this has made an impact on consumers, especially when they’re buying.

Co-write: write the story of your brand with your audiences

Due to digital, your users can very easily intervene and exchange with your brand. The fact that your audience interacts with your brand and gives its opinion, may seem to be a constraint, while it isn’t, on the contrary. You must keep in mind, the ultimate trilogy to implement at every step of your user’s course, the right message, the right place and at the right time. If you do so, you can control any kind of unpleasant surprises or criticism.

Trust your audience and let them take part in the narration of your story. The essence of the digital culture leans on collaborative principles. Make the most of the opportunity, namely Big Data, to extract and analyze the data and therefore the tastes and preferences of your users, to adapt your story. Use smart data.

Check list for good storytelling

• Determine the object of your story,

• Determine your target,

• Determine what your target is going to think when the latter sees your message,

• Determine the behavior of your recipient when the latter receives your message,

• What is the business plan? (format, tone, budget, ROI, team etc.)

• Is the message in keeping with the values?

• How will the content be broadcasted?

• What are the expected results?

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