Tech trends: what to expect in 2021

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Stay ahead of the game by keeping up to date with the 2021’s emerging tech trends. Business resilience, a flexibility to be operational anywhere, and ultimately being people-centric are expected to be the keys to business growth in the coming year.

Research firm Gartner has released its annual report projecting what tech trends to expect in 2021.

2 main conclusions can be taken from the study. In 2021, companies will have to focus on:

  • Having a resilient architecture,
  • Adapting to the disruptive changes that have become the norm.

Business leaders will have to manage continuing, fluctuating upheavals from the Covid-19 crisis.

The challenge is significant: companies need to find imaginative ways to respond to the consequences of the health crisis and continue to grow.

For the coming year, Gartner recommends that business leaders focus their efforts on 3 areas:

  • N ° 1: activities must be people-centric
  • N ° 2: to not be dependent on a single location
  • N ° 3: resilience in delivery

Now let’s get into the details of the tech trends that await us.

Trend # 1: The Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

We are at the dawn of seismic societal and ethical shifts. Indeed, the Internet of Behaviors (IoB) is going to be increasingly adopted and embedded over the coming years. By 2025, more than half of the world’s population will be part of an IoB system or program.

Facial recognition, geo-location and big data connect data that comes from user behaviors. Companies are increasingly using data taken from observed user behavior to adapt their offers.

For example, the IoB can be used to monitor employee compliance with the application of health standards. Another example are state-run programs, such as the French government’s mobile application: Tous Anti-Covid (“Everyone against Covid”).

Trend # 2: Confidentiality of data in use

We’ve already discussed confidential computing in one of our previous articles. By 2025, large companies will protect their data as it is being computed – that is, when the data is in use.

The challenge now for companies is to adopt new, more advanced data processing strategies and approaches in order to protect all of their confidential or sensitive data.

Cyber ​​security has become more of a necessity than ever, and this will only accelerate.

Trend # 3: Artificial Intelligence matures

Artificial Intelligence (AI), which we have already discussed in many articles, is maturing and developing at breakneck speed. The growing need for more and more automation of tasks within enterprises and economies will accelerate the development and adoption of AI by companies and governments alike.

It will become increasingly possible to engineer AI that is capable of analyzing the human brain’s reaction to a given problem, and to design a computer program that can analyze and decode data that has never been processed before.

These are some of the other tech trends predicted for 2021:

  • The intelligent and reactive company: this concept will guide companies towards new digital business models,
  • The Total Experience: a user experience strategy realized via multiple platforms,
  • Anywhere Operations: no matter where employees are, operations to maintain and support business and customers should no longer be interrupted,
  • Hyper-Automation: any process that can be automated or that must be automated, will be.

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