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Python is an adaptable, versatile and highly efficient programming language that enables software developers to provide IT solutions for both front-end and back-end web environments.

In 2022, Python was awarded Tiobe’s programming language of the year for the second  consecutive year, and was identified as the language with the highest increase in ratings for the year of 2021. 

Let’s start with the basics and then explore why Python has become a top-choice among web developers around the world. 

Offshore outsourcing specialist, Bocasay gives you the lowdown on Python! ©Canva
Offshore outsourcing specialist, Bocasay gives you the lowdown on Python! ©Canva

What is Python?

Easy for beginners because of its readability, Python is a free, open-source computer programming language that is popular in web development, machine learning and deep learning applications.

Python also happens to be the language behind industry-leading 2D imaging and 3D animation software like Inkscape, Blender and Autodesk, as well as science apps like FreeCAD and Abacus.

These are some of Python’s  key characteristics: 

➨ Readable coding.

➨ Extensive support modules.

➨ Community development.

➨ Easy web service integration.

➨ User-friendly data structure.

➨ Dynamically-typed.

➨ Object-oriented.

➨ Platform-independent.

➨ GUI-based desktop applications.

Why choose Python for your next web-project?

Cross Platform

Regardless of the type of digital environment or platform, Python can deliver fast and robust software solutions without loss of performance. Becoming a one-stop programming language for developers around the world, Python’s built-in versatility can easily provide software solutions for mobile applications, desktop applications, web development and hardware programming.


Python is particularly well-suited to offer multitasking support for companies of all sizes. Being one of the most reliable languages available, Python can stay focused on maintaining critical data security while simultaneously delivering high performance web applications.

Fast Development

Enabling quick prototyping and iterations, web developers choose Python because it combines high productivity with ease-of-use to become a perfect language for startups. This is particularly important when getting a web product to market will ultimately offer a competitive advantage.


Another major advantage of Python is how easy and fast it enables developers to scale web projects. Due to its adaptive nature, Python’s libraries of pre-written code allow developers an incredible amount of flexibility in case a web project needs to take a different direction or follow a different architecture tactic. 

Language Integration

It is easy to integrate Python with a range of other widely used programming languages such as Ruby, C (by using CPython), Java (by using Python) and PHP. As it’s very common for web developers to have to build upon already existing web applications, this provided next-level flexibility for web projects of varying complexity.  

Web Scraping

This programming language is perfect for web scraping, collecting data insights from websites and providing an easy way to handle large datasets. Once data is collected, web developers can use Python’s libraries in order to sift through most of the data instead of having to write manual code for processing.     

Libraries and Frameworks

Python developers can take advantage of the free availability of hundreds of  libraries and frameworks, designed to cater to every programming requirement, and ultimately to save time and resources for companies of all sizes. Some of Python’s most popular libraries with software developers include NumPy, SciPy, Django, Theano, Pandas, Keras, PyTorch, TensorFlow and many others.

Data Science

Python is used extensively in data-science applications within the scientific and research communities. Its ease of use and simple syntax make this language an ideal and easy choice for those without an engineering background. Handling the vast amounts of data generated by data analytics tools, it’s no wonder today’s developers can benefit from versatile languages such as Python.

Automated Tasks

Do you want to automate several industrial tasks that require too many complex tools and modules in order to function properly? The simple solution is Python. By being a major performance-booster in automation software testing, developers can use Python’s Selenium library for example, as a way to automate web applications for testing purposes, or for performing web scraping processes.

Machine Learning

From IT development to deployment and application maintenance, Python’s access to great libraries and tools, as well as its simplicity and consistency, make it a top-choice for developers working in machine learning and AI-based projects. Being a general-purpose language, Python can perform sets of complex machine-learning tasks and enable you to build prototypes in order to test your product.

Corporate Sponsors

Any computer programming language that is backed by renowned corporate sponsors will tend to thrive and develop more efficiently than other languages. As Python is widely adopted and backed by tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, the list of useful support tools and libraries available for developers will only continue to grow in the near future.

Community Support

We are not just exploring one of the world’s most popular programming languages, but also one of the industry’s oldest and most established. Python’s learning curve is less steep than other languages out there, simply because its development community offers an abundance of learning resources and guidance opportunities – from online seminars and tutorials, all the way to books and developer forums.

Beyond the performance of Python, it is also its community that makes its success ©Canva
Beyond the performance of Python, it is also its community that makes its success ©Canva

Easy to learn

Newcomers in the software development industry will certainly appreciate how easy and cost-effective it is to get started with programming in Python. With a simplified syntax and an emphasis on natural language, this is one of the most accessible programming languages currently available – essentially enabling the writing of code and its execution at much faster rates than other languages.

Python Academia

By combining all of Python’s important benefits listed above, it should be clear by now that this is a great first-choice programming language. That’s why it is widely taught in schools and colleges around the world. Simply because of its wide range of applications and ease of use, and irrespective of a student’s career orientation, the Python language is a great first-time portal into the amazing world of computer programming.

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