What are the key steps of an outsourced IT project ?

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When managing an IT project, companies very often underestimate preparation efforts. Let’s go over the key steps to follow, in order to achieve a successful IT project

Do not dive in head first. The outsourcing of an IT project, especially when carried out offshore, requires preparation. Each project depends on the company that handles it. It is largely based on the company’s operation methods and its human resources. A growing SME does not take the same measures that a large company would. And therefore, one must be ready: “the first question to ask is: is my project compatible with outsourcing ?” stresses Romain Juillet, co-founder of Bocasay.

This is an issue that should not be avoided.

The first element to consider in order to evaluate the eligibility of an offshore project is the client’s ability to fully define the content of the application. In other words: is he/she able to identify the specifications? If so, he/she will be able to move forward with the project without any problems. If not, can he/she clearly express his/her needs and requirements, enabling the service provider to implement them?”, adds Romain Juillet.

“The more regular communication is, the more likely it is for the project to succeed”

Beyond skills, the customer will have to allocate time. The development of an IT project outsourced to a service provider is not attained automatically. “ The success of a project, whether outsourced or not, relies on the exchanges between technical teams, functional teams and the customer. The more regular and simple communication is, the more likely it is for the project to succeed, says the co-founder of Bocasay. If the sector is complex, the entrepreneur even advises to receive training related to the client’s business. 

As for the offshore aspect, the difficulty here lies in choosing the company’s service.” If the client requests a fixed-price package, procedural issues become entirely the responsibility of the service provider, who puts in place the methodology that he/she is experienced in”, says the co-founder. In contrast, contractual projects are managed by the customer. He/she gets to choose the methodology of implementation.” We are able to recommend the processes and tools – we believe are most suitable for the project – to our clients if necessary”, he affirms.

Never be overtaken by the project

Be careful though not to go too fast. Many customers tend to rush. You cannot initiate a project without asking all the necessary questions. “ The better a project is prepared, the more it is likely for the results to match customer’s expectations and deadlines would be met in this case, as well. It is better to take time to get ready at the beginning. Ask all the questions you may have, imagine all possible scenarios, before launching straight into coding, ” says Romain Juillet.

When it comes to the initial assessment, it is never fully achieved. Very often, an IT project evolves. If you choose a fixed-price package service , you will benefit from being assigned a French project manager. He will be in regular contact with you. If you choose a dedicated team, the company appoints one of its employees to assume the responsibilities of a team leader. “ In addition to working on your projects, he is available to reflect the customer’s strategy,” says Romain Juillet.

Other dedicated employees are also available for team monitoring. They get a feel of things on a daily basis and prepare weekly reports on team activities. This is to ensure that teams are never overtaken by the project.

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