Top 10 Ways to Take Your Ecommerce to the Next Level

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If you are getting into online business to sell useful products and services, a spotless online presence for your brand is an absolute requirement.

It’s tough enough trying to stand out when you will not only be competing with established local and regional brands – but also with international giant companies like Ebay and Amazon.

Every fine detail of your website, platform or mobile app, must be carefully thought out in order for user engagement to eventually convert to sales and business growth.

Whether you are a traditional brick-and-mortar business going online, an online-only company or a bit of both, check out the following tips to help you take your Ecommerce business to the next level.

1. Get on Social Media

Find the most appropriate social media platform for your brand and create a profile for your business. Get familiar with best practices for optimizing engagement before posting relevant brand updates.

2. Simplicity is a Winner

Avoid anything that looks bulky and untidy. From menus, control buttons and search bars – design always matters and it has to be simple enough to make the user feel at home within your digital product.

3. Speed is Everything

If things aren’t loading fast enough, then you can forget about sales. Successful Ecommerce has to be fast and users don’t have much patience. Get your online business on a premium web hosting service plan and make sure its digital architecture is built with efficiency in mind, to save you money and earn you profits in the long term.

4. Let Some Customers Be Guests

You can encourage customers to create profiles and give you their emails but you should never force it. Providing an easy, guest checkout option is much more important for sales than forcing a potential customer to register a new profile on your digital platform

5. Set Up Loyalty Membership

Loyalty membership schemes can be anything designed to make sure customers return to your digital product or service. For a small extra fee, discounts, coupons and other perks can establish customer trust in relation to your digital brand and ensure a stable client base.

6. Strong Visual Content

Whether it’s photos, video, 3D graphics or animation, image quality matters. Not only does strong visual content drive up user engagement, it ultimately guarantees conversion to sales. Text on its own will never get the job done.

7. Email Marketing

Whether it’s a welcome email, a new product promo or a simple thank you note, email marketing can be used to build strong customer relationships. Make your customers feel appreciated with personalized notes and by avoiding robotic-sounding emails.

8. Customer Service

Customers will always have questions and issues, and things never run 100% smoothly on any Ecommerce operation. That’s why offering an easily accessible and reliable customer service is crucial to the survival and success of any digital product.

9. Be Mobile

While processing complex purchases is still more convenient on desktop devices for most users, shopping directly from mobile devices is on the rise with no signs of slowing down. Make sure your website looks great on a smartphone if you don’t want to cut yourself out of a huge market.

10. Get Rid of Sidebar Ads and Popups

Do not use your website as a platform to sell advertising space to other brands. It makes your platform look spammy and you risk losing your own clients by being annoying. Some extra ad income is not worth the future growth of your own client base.

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