Why your IT infrastructure cost will increase in 2019 ?

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According to a report by SpiceWork, revolving around new technologies, 89% of companies have forecast that their IT budget will increase or remain the same in the coming year.

Half of the companies surveyed indicate that the budget devoted to their IT system will remain stable in 2019. On one hand, they foresee an average increase of 20% of the budget. 38%, on the other hand, say that their IT budget is on the rise.

The survey concerned 780 companies using new technologies in the health sector, associations, education, industry, finance and government.

The key factors that contribute in the expenditure increase in the IT system are strongly related to the size of the company. Large companies who say they are going to increase their IT budget next year, explain that this increase was very often related to security issues. The latter also plan to make major investments in cloud technologies. Medium-sized companies choose to allocate new expenses to tax reduction. Last but not least, the smaller companies are targeting to increase their investments in equipment.

Peter Tsai, Senior Technology Analyst at Spicework, says, “Most organizations are going to increase their IT budget in 2019, in order to modernize their infrastructure and are also driven by the very strong ambition to support transformative digital tendencies”.

It is also important to point out that large companies have a computer park and a more extensive information system to maintain, with much more data, web applications, softwares, applications, solutions and computing platforms which need to be locked and this generates a lot of expenditure on issues related to securing these applications.

In large companies, IT decision-makers are twice as likely to be the only decision-makers while making decisions about IT budget management. In smaller companies, this probability is doubled, and IT decision makers are four times more likely to become the business owners themselves.

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Source : techrepublic.com

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