3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Digital Marketing

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How your digital brand can benefit from AI by formulating successful digital marketing strategies.  

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses computer systems to simulate human intelligence in order to perform a wide range of tasks that would otherwise be performed by people.

Digital devices employing AI are able to perceive their environments, interact and collect data, as well as to take actions that optimize desired goal achievement.

AI-powered computer systems can perform tasks like

  • complex decision-making,
  • language translations,
  • financial transactions,
  • visual perception,
  • self correction.

AI in Digital Marketing

Digital marketers can use AI to improve digital marketing strategies and gain vital business and customer insights for their clients.

According to a recent survey, 51% of marketers are already using AI, and 27% plan to incorporate the technology in their practices within 2019.

In this article, we will explore three ways in which artificial intelligence will transform and transport digital marketing straight to the future.

Next Level Customer Experience

All efforts in digital marketing should eventually result in an impressive user or customer experience – establishing recurring brand loyalty. Artificial intelligence has a unique ability for data collection and analysis, and this is why it can be a game-changer for digital marketing.  

Smart, AI-powered chatbots can cater to every possible user need in real-time, often faster and cheaper than human customer service staff. As data can be collected and analyzed at incredible speeds with AI systems, the improved user personalization has the power to deliver a rewarding user experience. AI can make you feel that the digital brand was designed specifically for your needs. With potential users or customers having no spare time to waste, AI can help your brand provide a quick and responsive customer service

Voice Searching

Searching for information and initiating actions through voice commands will eventually become standard practice for digital product users. Virtual assistants like Google Home, Alexa and SIRI are successful examples of how far voice search technology has come. Voice recognition software can learn to interact with different voices, accents and languages. By using voice commands, you can do things like ask for a weather report, find the nearest hospital, ask for the day’s news or play a song of your choice.

Google reported that 70% of the voice searches it receives happen in casual, conversational language. For digital marketing this means that content must be adjusted for access in a way that a user would verbally express themselves. Classic keywords must be replaced with more chatty keywords based on how a user would naturally speak to search or ask for something. Voice searching can ultimately help digital brands increase their organic traffic.

Predictive Analysis

AI is the at the forefront of technology when it comes to monitoring and learning from user or customer behavior. Smart computer systems are able to predict the behavior of new and current users based on data collected in relation to past user actions.

With AI, digital marketing benefits from vital insights, offering personalized and efficient user experiences. By spotting behavioral patterns, digital marketers can use AI to become proactive planners who make the correct decisions based on forward-thinking data-collection. What this means in effect is that the most effective digital content can be delivered according to the behavior of targeted users.

This is very important when you consider that over 40% of digital consumers switched brands because of a lack of trust and inefficient personalization options. Through analyzing user data, machine-learning software enables an optimum content production process as well as hyper-personalized customer experiences.    

At Bocasay, our dedicated teams of IT experts are keeping up to speed with the latest developments in AI technology, and how to implement the new possibilities it offers into the digital projects of our clients.

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