5 Best Remote Work Management Software

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Optimize the productivity and efficiency of your business by using smart digital tools.   

What is Office Management?

Office management is all about the logistics of running an office or a project effectively. An office manager has to perform anything from scheduling, financial advising, stock monitoring and pretty much anything else involved in running an office team as smooth as possible – a multi-tasking Jack of all trades. 

With digital innovations taking over all aspects of office and project management, a wide range of tasks can be performed much faster and cheaper by employing smart digital software solutions.

In this article, we will explore five of the best office management software currently available with a range of free and paid package options. These options are great for managing teams across different time zones and working on projects remotely.

1. Due.com

This is basically invoice heaven. In the not-so-distant past, keeping track of tons of invoices within a company used to require complex filing cabinets and a few pairs of employee hands. Maybe even a few university degrees in finance. At due.com, none of that matters.

You can use clean and easy invoice templates, time-track your transactions and even use an invoice trend tracker. Automate payments, send and receive money instantly and rely on experienced customer services. This platform solves all your invoicing issues with payment solutions for businesses of all sizes.

2. Google Hangouts for Business

Starting at 6 dollars per month, Google Hangouts for Business can do a lot more than just organize seamless video conferences and screen-sharing between an unlimited amount of screens. We couldn’t expect anything less from a tech-giant like Google.

Impressive new features include things like sharing new product launches by holding a public hangout video call to reach industry leaders and potential consumers. With dedicated IOS and Android apps, you can join video meetings on your calendar with a tap of a link.

3. Hootsuite

Even if you are not your company’s social media manager, you have to monitor your brand’s social media presence. This is where Hootsuite comes in – a clean and simple product able to schedule posts for over 35 social networks, monitor how people engage with your posts and help you maximize your brand reach on social media.

Hootsuite makes finding, scheduling, managing and reporting on social media content easier. When successful marketing increasingly depends on online engagement, monitoring the effectiveness of your brand’s social media campaigns is a vital duty for any office manager.  

4. StudioCloud

StudioCloud is an all-in-one digital solution capable of simplifying and organizing a business of any size, anywhere. This is a reliable business management software which allows managing clients, partners and vendors in one place.

You can easily create and send invoices , set up automated and fully customizable text and email reminders, sign and review contracts online, bookkeeping, online bookings, as well as manage employees based on designated tasks.

5. Timecamp

Any good project manager who fully understands that time equals money will appreciate Timecamp. This is a very powerful time-tracking tool which can maximize productivity and optimize efficiency by monitoring task performance, track attendance, as well as integrate duties from remote teams.

Whether projects have a fixed price, or are billable by work hours, tracking time efficiently can provide a better understanding of profits and losses. The company’s IOS and Android app ensures perfect synchronization with a web app to track time and projects regardless of location. 

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