Why you should develop a customized CRM for your company

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Customer relationship management (CRM) systems aim to streamline business processes by improving relationships with existing customers and identifying new prospects and opportunities. It facilitates the collection, storage and management of customer information, customer segmentation, sales automation, campaign management, etc.

A good CRM tool is one that can solve problems by itself. Custom CRM development is the best way to ensure that your CRM is a good service.

The offshore IT development experts at Bocasay, explain in this article, how a custom CRM is beneficial for your business development.

Why develop a custom CRM? Β©GettyImages
Why develop a custom CRM? Β©GettyImages

What is custom CRM?

Custom CRM software helps build customer loyalty and automate many processes, saving your company time and money. The main purpose of CRM software is to help sales and marketing people better manage and analyze their company’s customer and prospect relationships.

This can be done in several ways, by tracking customer interactions via search engines, contact forms, social media, phone calls or emails. CRMs can also be customized to provide analytics so that businesses can easily track marketing efforts to generate leads and conversions.

What type of business can benefit from custom CRM development?

Many businesses wonder if developing a custom CRM is worth the financial investment involved. In most cases, businesses that benefit from customer relationship management can increase their value with custom CRM development.

CRMs are used by all types of businesses, from small individual companies to large ones. Companies are always looking for new ways to automate business processes, increase efficiency and improve customer relationships.  Developing a custom CRM helps them achieve all of these goals.

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What are the benefits for your company?

1. Improved internal efficiency

Traditional out-of-the-box CRM solutions come with several tools and resources that can help your business. However, once you start using these software solutions, you will find that end-user convenience is not always a priority with these types of solutions. You may be paying for CRM features that you never use.

The business model and corporate culture you adopt also play a very important role in choosing a CRM software. If your software solution does not match these aspects of your business, the entire customer management cycle will be affected.

Customizing your CRM software will greatly increase your efficiency. Employees can make informed decisions about inventory and leads, analyze and manage data, and perform many other essential operations.

A custom CRM will also allow you to include only the tools and features that your business needs. This leads to a positive experience for end users, whether they are customers or employees.

2. Ease of use

In traditional CRM, the software is designed for the masses. This makes it difficult to navigate and requires a lot of mastery and process learning to use it effectively. After factoring in the cost of training each new hire and existing employee to migrate to the new CRM, the overall ROI is very low.

A custom CRM includes AI and machine learning to meet the needs of the employees who use it the most. This makes it easy to integrate your CRM into your existing workflows, eliminates inefficiencies and makes it easier for your employees to use. These solutions are so easy to use that they can save you a large portion of your integration costs over the long term.

3. Long-term savings

The initial investment is always lower for off-the-shelf CRMs than for custom solutions. Therefore, opting for a traditional CRM may seem attractive at first. But the additional costs add up very quickly and are usually not disclosed by the provider.

The first undisclosed cost is the additional license fee. This fee means that you must become an “owner of the product” and pay for the right to use the software. Prices and plans vary by software vendor, but ultimately have a significant impact on your overall bill. Pricing is generally based on the scale of operations, so you may be charged a high license fee just for performing basic tasks. Please note that the license fee is paid annually, whether or not you use all the features offered.

Another possible cost is the usage fee. This means that you have to pay a certain amount for each new user/account.
On the other hand, for custom CRM, there are no licensing or usage fees. You will only pay for the development of the software. By making the comparison, you will save in the long run if you invest in a customized CRM.

Invest in a custom CRM with the offshore IT development experts at Bocasay Β©Canva
Invest in a custom CRM with the offshore IT development experts at Bocasay Β©Canva

4. Increase team efficiency

If you choose a custom CRM software, you have the ability to assign specific dashboards to specific employees and departments. This means that your employees only have access to what is essential to their work. These platforms also streamline integration between sales and marketing teams and provide access to relevant data. 

The list of benefits of investing in a custom CRM is much longer: data security, scalability, performance…

Why entrust the development of my CRM to Bocasay?

As an offshore IT development agency, Bocasay and its teams of highly qualified developers have all the know-how and skills necessary to create a custom digital solution in record time. Contact us to get a free quote!

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