Bocasay has surpassed 100 collaborators!

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The Bocasay group has surpassed 100 collaborators between France, Madagascar and Vietnam. Driven by its strong ambitions of being open to the international, the group is present in 3 countries and its desire to be even more present on an international level, doesn’t just cease here.

Bocasay continues to support its clients, ranging from big client accounts to startups, in order to realize agile IT projects. The Scrum method and Continuous Integration are included in the working methods of the Bocasay teams.

The Bocasay offer includes two contractual methods, depending on the needs of the client: an agile package contractual method and a dedicated team contractual method. Currently more than twenty dedicated teams are involved in production. The size of the teams varies between 2 and 10 people (developer, lead developer, product owner, etc.).

The covered stack technology is very large: Symfony, Angular, JavaScript, Java, Python, Laravel, Node.js, WordPress, Drupal, iOS and Android native developments etc..

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