Bocasay’s Team-Building in Ambohimanambola

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Our web agency, Bocasay, is taking a break in Ambohimanambola

Almost all of Bocasay’s team in Madagascar was present, with more than 50 members participating in the outing. This event’s program consisted of:

  • Greeting and breakfast
  • Presentation games
  • Team games
  • Cocktails and lunch
  • Afternoon tree climbing
  • Cocktails and debriefing

Wonderful, collective team energy was witnessed during this outing. It was a day of remarkable team-building activities laced with common experiences and thrills (those who experienced with the zip line can confirm that). 

Many thanks to all of Bocasay’s team members for this time spent together! We have been energized and are now ready for the next challenge!

Team Building Bocasay
Malagasy Team
Malagasy Team

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