Client case study – Tahia Cambet

Creating an online course platform and a website for the Tahitian Dance School of Tahia Cambet.

For more than 5 years, Tahia Cambet, the rising star of Polynesian dance, has been teaching Tahitian dance in Paris. She has received a gold medal from an organization of music academies, and thanks to her achievements, has won admiration from the world of Polynesian artists.

Project environment.

Tahia Cambet offers dance classes spread over six levels and in three different places: Studio Bleu, My Fitness Studio and Club de la Nation. Her goal, across her classes, is to meet the expectations of Tahitian dance enthusiasts by extending their knowledge, as well as by transmitting her vision of Ori Tahiti to them.

The encounter of Tahitian Dance and Technology.

Tahia Cambet was looking for an offshore IT service center to create an intuitive website, characterized by smooth, comfortable navigation and quick access to classroom schedules.

The Tahia dance school strikes a delicate balance between authenticity and modernity. In addition to classes, Tahia organizes short courses and workshops throughout France and Spain, and the number of her followers in the Paris region continues to grow. In this context, the launch of a multilingual showcase website, presenting the school’s services and centralizing all its classroom courses, became essential. Tahia has also the idea to provide online courses with individual coaching.

The idea of an online video platform to broadcast her courses and to coach students stemmed from the desire to bring the pleasure of Tahitian dance to more students.

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Open the world to the best of Tahitian dance.

A full-feature VOD platform.

Tahia Cambet's website and VOD application was developed in our service center in Madagascar, thanks to a team of back-end and front-end developers working with a technical project manager. We used the WordPress content management system to develop the website and the Symfony framework for the video platform.

The VOD application offers a personal space between the user and their coach. Students upload their videos in order to receive personalized feedback on their performances (gestures, posture, charisma, memory, fluidity, etc.) The application is a powerful tool for students and coaches, allowing them to establish a link between them, regardless of their geographical location.

The website and VOD platform are available in four languages: French, English, Spanish and Japanese.

Additionally, the awesome design was made by Jonatan Cadiot.

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