CTO chooses offshore IT for mobile development

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The CTO of the first French company focusing on the digital transformation of orchestras and operas in France and Europe has asked us to provide a team of mobile developers.

IT decision makers are often torn between internal recruitment and outsourcing (whether offshore or not). If you are in such a situation and the organisation of your technical department is causing you a headache, then contact us. We will advise you on the best solution for your IT production team and your IT budget.

CTO, ISD: Are you deciding between internal recruitment and outsourcing?

Let’s explore the advantages of outsourcing and relying on a service provider to staff a team of developers:

  • Rapid availability of technology-specific profiles (allow 2 to 4 weeks with Bocasay, software outsourcing company).
  • Less risks related to staff turnover, as these risks are transferred to the service provider, who has the organisation and structure to retain loyal developers.
  • Substantial savings on your IT budget by relying on a French company with nearshore and offshore development centres (Madagascar, Mauritius, Vietnam). The average daily rates are very competitive. Take a look at the price list for our IT services.
  • Saving time: outsourcing can free up time and resources, allowing you to keep on top of your projects and to focus more on strategic rather than operational matters.
  • Setting up your technical production department: the offshore service provider will bring their expertise and insights. New positions may be created in your team, such as Technical Architect or Scrum Master. Your production department will be strengthened thanks to the tools and methods that your service provider will introduce into your project and your teams. In a very short time, you will gain significantly in maturity.

Why choose Bocasay to staff your mobile development team?

Our mission is to simplify offshore for you (for those who think offshore is too complicated) and above all to make life easier for you.

  • Just the right amount of agility: our teams will plug into your work environment. We bring you communication, ticketing and versioning tools where required. Our aim is to integrate our team in your working environment by providing the tools and methods you need, no more and no less (the best agile development team).
  • Daily contact with your team: you will be in direct contact with your team. It’s as if your developers were seated next to you.
  • Highly competitive rates: as our IT service centres are established in Madagascar, Vietnam and Mauritius, we can offer very competitive rates while providing development quality comparable to that found in European countries.

Bocasay strengthens our client’s technical department with a team of mobile developers comprising:

• 3 React.js front-end developers,

• 2 Java Spring back-end developers,

• 1 iOS developer.

They are currently working on the development of an online publishing platform and a music score reader (for tablets).

If you, too, would like to strengthen your internal department with a team like this, just contact us and let’s discuss your requirements.

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