GitHub mobile is available on iOS! And soon on Android

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Github announced the release of a new mobile application at the GitHub Universe conference that took place on November 13 and 14 in San Francisco.

Further optimizing collaboration between developers remains one of the priorities of GitHub. The GitHub for mobile app is currently available in beta, and an Android version will be released soon.

Let’s start with a small reminder of what can be achieved with GitHub, for the laymen among us.

What is GitHub used for?

“GitHub is a coding platform, which allows software development.”

Git stands for open-source software control and Hub denotes the space it provides for the large community that uses the system. Wikipedia calls it ‘a decentralized version management system’.

Since 2008, GitHub has become the most-used platform for developers, and is now used by 31 million of them worldwide. The company was bought by Microsoft in June.

GitHub allows users to:

  • Manage code versions,
  • Collaborate on projects,
  • Share code snippets,
  • Exchange ideas,
  • Insert code comments.

GitHub mobile is not a mobile reproduction. On the contrary, the ambition of GitHub is to improve the nomadic experience of developers. This application has specific features designed to improve information sharing and the collaboration of remote developers.

What can you achieve with GitHub for mobile?

Here’s an overview of the extensive features available on this application:

  • Share comments on reviewing lines of code or a design discussion,
  • The application can be adapted to all screen sizes: for example on an iPad, the screen surface is larger, and developers can perform more detailed code reviews,
  • Manage incoming notifications,
  • Access merge requests.

New features will be added as you go.

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