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Keyrus, a company specializing in performance management consulting (using artificial intelligence and data), has produced an infographic demonstrating the 5 key bot trends for 2020.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the topic of customer engagement via chatbots and optimizing the visitor experience.

# 1 – A new point of contact that’s very engaging in an omnichannel strategy

As you already know, adopting an omnichannel customer experience strategy is the best way to attract the most customers and to maintain visibility at multiple points of contact.

The bot is now one of the new entry points for customer contact. According to the Keyrus study, the growth of chatbots will increase at a rate of 34% per year by 2024.

That being said, it is however important to understand this trend in light of the following observations:

  • 72% of customers say they prefer to find answers for themselves on the web, while the remaining,
  • 28% are more comfortable finding their answers through interaction with customer service.

So, is the chatbot an alternative to our next web search?

These are some of the use cases that you might consider using a chatbot for on your web application:

  • To initiate a lasting conversation with your customers,
  • To offer an exchange channel that is always available, 24 hours a day,
  • To provide additional information to your customers.

Added to that, why not chat with your customers directly on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger?

Imagine if your chatbot was able to communicate directly with your customers on their favorite instant messaging app. This would present a considerable opportunity for you to be able to be as close as possible to your customers via these widely used messaging services:

  • 1.3 billion use Facebook Messenger,
  • 1 billion chat on WhatsApp every day.

# 2 – Another source of lead generation

One of the main roles of chatbots is to be constantly available to answer questions and to retrieve user data. In fact, 60% of Internet users make their purchases on the web in the evening and on weekends, which can be both expensive and inconvenient for maintaining a human customer service team.

During these hours, a chatbot has the advantage of always being operational to extend and serve the user experience on your website or web application.

In addition to being simplifiers of the purchasing process, did you know that messages sent via chatbots are opened by 84% of users, while an email is only opened by 20% of recipients?

# 3 – The new employee’s HR companion

Onboarding, frequently asked questions relating to leave, HR requests, etc. – a chatbot can free up time for HR and answer common questions from your employees. It has the advantage of offering information that is easily accessible within the company, and offers uniformity and consistency.

You can develop and integrate your bot into your IT services with our developer teams, gain flexibility and optimize the experience of your employees and/or customers.

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