6 UI / UX Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

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Stay with the times and provide users with a digital product they always return to.

UI and UX and why they matter

Any digital product, online brand or business depends almost entirely on User Interface [UI] and User Experience [UX] working well together.

An intuitive UI – designed to the finest detail with an intended UX in mind – will essentially make-or-break the success of your digital product or service

Converting user-engagement into sales usually means you have managed to offer your users a simple-to-use, fast and reliable product they want to return to. 

When so many digital products are rejected by users purely because of design-related issues, it has never been more important to stay ahead of the game with good UI and UX practices.

Let’s explore some of the latest UI and UX trends of 2019.

UI Trends

1. Gradients and Bold Colors

The gradual improvement of screen and monitor quality for a range of devices has brought about improved gradients for mobile and web interfaces. UI designers push the boundaries of accessibility and user-engagement with impressive and colorful gradients. Avoid conflicting colors, use a clear light source and combine with shapes and text to create an attractive interface for the end-user.

2. 3D and Liquid Graphics

Not too long ago, UI designers had to avoid including heavy 3D graphics or animations within a User Interface for the sake of speed and performance. With better Internet browsers and faster connection speeds, it is now possible to feature Hollywood-like 3D animations, graphics and visual effects into a website interface – without frustrating users with slow loading times. 

3. Visual Storytelling

All the advancements in dynamic graphic design for User Interfaces have allowed digital brands to employ more traditional visual storytelling techniques as a means of engaging their users. More and more digital platforms have designed original 3D-animated characters – offering a pleasant, tour-guide functionality for the user, setting brand tone and personality, while increasing intimacy and brand-awareness.   

UX Trends

1. Voice User Interface

A User Interface doesn’t have to be a strictly visual arrangement in order to create the desired User Experience. With major improvements in artificially-intelligent speech recognition, UX designers are breaking barriers with Voice-enabled UIs. While most of the time Voice User Interfaces come in the form of personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, designers are gradually  pushing voice-command interaction to new levels and pushing click and touch controls into the realm of the past.  

2. Personalized and Customizable Interactions

There is a movement towards offering digital product users personal autonomy and a range of elegant customization options according to their personal needs. Nobody likes to be told exactly what to do and how to do it. Being able to offer functionality that enables users to achieve desired goals based on personalized workflows will continue to be crucial for UX designers of the future.

3. Gesture Control

As mobile phone devices and tablets get rid of most of their buttons, and their screens become larger, the essential user interface approach to navigation is finger-friendly gesture control that feels natural for the user. UX designers strive to increase intuitive gesture control within mobile applications and to reduce the number of button controls. You can now slide, swipe and pinch through the digital experience as easily as turning a book page – it’s the logical, intuitive thing to do!

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