Business Process Automation: Take your Company to the Next Level

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Wasting time on repetitive tasks is no longer a necessary evil. 

Whether you’ve heard of the term or not, Business Process Automation (BPA) is changing the way companies operate all over the world. 

From the chatbot that just gave you a list of useful (or useless) information in response to your question on a website, to the digital Kanban board that your company uses to organize and keep your projects flowing – BPA is an umbrella term for using technology to execute repetitive or mundane tasks, so you and your employees don’t have to. 

Below, we’ll outline some of the ways this important technological approach is improving businesses globally. 

HR Systems

Human Resource departments often have a lot on their plate. 

They have to keep track of employee vacation times and sick days, address individual employees’ concerns and questions, and are also responsible for successful onboarding of new hires. 

The broad scope and responsibilities of an HR team means that they can easily be perpetually overwhelmed and flooded with work.

BPA software has the power to dramatically ease the workflow for HR departments by systematizing repetitive tasks like logging work hours, and streamlining onboarding processes through smart forms. 

Automating these processes with software can allow HR teams to have a clearer, up-to-date picture of a team’s status, so they do not have to be constantly wading through piles of paperwork, and chasing employees for forms that need to be filed. 

Customer Communication

When it comes to automating your communication with customers, the possibilities don’t simply end with chatbots. 

While chatbots and automated replies are useful ways for maintaining contact with customers and providing generic information through automated processing of their questions and inputs, other automation processes can refine your understanding of – and communication with – your target groups. 

For example, by using software that is able to categorize your customers according to their frequency, type and volume of purchases, you will be able to target more personalized marketing at them. 

By using AI-driven analysis of customer and user behavior on your websites or apps, you will be able to quickly understand the most effective ways to communicate to your different types of customers and provide them with the information and options that they want to receive.  

Decision Management

Another area where BPA can significantly optimize a company’s operations is in the realm of decision-making. Or more specifically, BPA can help to streamline the process for authorization and approval of important decisions, such as outward purchases. 

If purchasing a piece of equipment or settling the payment on a contract requires the approval of numerous managers, then BPA software can be used to fast-track the process. 

If sales performance needs to be evaluated using various different metrics – and there are numerous sales channels to consider – it’s important to have the right software to streamline the evaluation, while ensuring its accuracy. 

Overall, BPA is more than just automating functions that were previously done manually; it’s about speeding up your business, and freeing up time for your teams to handle more important and intelligent tasks. 

Adopting intelligent BPA will not only make a company more competitive and reduce costs, but it can leave employees feeling more valued and stimulated by their work. Done right, it’s a win-win. 

Do you have any processes that you believe could be better automated and optimized in your company? Find out how Bocasay can help you. 

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