Client case study – DubThis

Development an article reading widget.

A Node.js widget.

Project environment

DubThis is a Lyonese startup created in 2015. Its business model is to provide a new way of consuming online articles: you can listen to the articles being read for you thanks to the widget.

Nowadays, articles published on internet can be enjoyed in different ways, users can: read them, share them on social networks, comment on them, etc.

The DubThis CEO began from the observation that it’s necessary to improve and revolutionize the way articles are consumed. How? By integrating a widget that uses a human voice to read the articles, which is a real revolution to the way we consume web content.

DubThis is planning to build a strong community of contributors around this concept. Just like on Wikipedia, contributors can register to complete the article base.

Speeding up DubThis’ time-to-market strategy.

DubThis wanted to completely redesign the first version of its article reading widget. The first version was developed three years ago by a team of developers in France. The startup called on us for our capacity to quickly meet their demands in terms of technical quality and time-to-market.

In addition to adapting the existing program to a new design, the CEO wanted to develop additional features. The first version of the plugin was developed using JavaScript technology without a framework. DubThis needed an expert in development to choose the appropriate technologies for developing their widget.

Agile approach to go faster.

In six months, Bocasay has developed a new, more sophisticated version of the article reading widget using human voice. NodeJS was chosen for the implementation of this project. A full stack developer was equally dedicated to the project.

The CEO took the Product Owner role and managed, thanks to our technical support, his project himself. New features have been added to this second version: notifications, moderation, statistics, comment management, domain and a subdomain management system. With a YouTube-inspired interface, the app has thoughtful features that make it easy to use.

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