5 Steps to Take Your UX to the Next Level

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 Learn how to create unique digital products by designing rewarding user experiences.

If you want to make your digital brand stand out in today’s online market, it’s all about offering smooth User Experience [UX]. Keeping users engaged to your digital product requires a set of smart design choices. 

UX designers are primarily concerned with enhancing things like user accessibility, usability, task-achievement, and ultimately establishing long-term user or customer loyalty.

Whenever a digital product feels natural and intuitive with regards to its intended user-purpose, that’s often the result of great UX design practices.  

In this article, we’ll explore 5 simple ways UX design practices will be essential to the well-being of any successful digital brand.

1. Mobility

With more than 5 billion unique mobile users in the world today, it is absolutely vital for your digital product, brand or service to be accessible to users on the go. If a user has to use their pinky finger to navigate, your buttons, menus and icons are probably too small. Do not force user double taps on mobile devices – make sure user goals can be achieved with a single touch and without too much scrolling.

2. Visual Hierarchy

You can increase sales and user engagement by making sure your digital product makes visual sense. You need to decide what is most important within your website or app and highlight it in such a way that it becomes an intuitive focal point for your intended users. For example, enlarging visual elements on screen increases their importance in relation to how a user might interact with them. The visual ingredients that make up any digital space should basically facilitate a coherent user experience.

3. Audience Awareness

Figure out who your desired users or customers are before designing any website or mobile app. Research their needs and problems and make sure your design practices offer valuable user solutions. Incorporate a feedback dynamic with every user interaction in order to establish a rewarding user experience that goes beyond your market competitors. In other words, know your design problems before you try to solve them.  

4. Navigation

No one likes a website or mobile app that feels bulky and confusing to use. Avoid too many clicks, scrolls and taps in order to achieve a simple task within a digital environment. Seamless user navigation and functionality is what lets your desired users know that you value their time. In a digital landscape of diminishing attention spans, time and timing can make or break the success of your digital product.

5. Search Options

Digital products often contain vast amounts of data or content and that’s why a user must be able to search through it all as easily and as specifically as possible. Always provide some type of search field that is easily accessible from your homepage for users who know exactly what they are looking for from your digital brand. Sometimes there is no time to let your homepage design guide users towards potential goals. Being able to search for what you want within a digital environment enhances user navigation performance and task achievement.

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