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Neighbourly - A private neighborhood website created by IdeaHQ.

Neighbourly is one of the excellent ideas IdeaHQ has turned into reality: it’s a social networking platform designed to improve interaction and communication between neighbours. It helps neighbours connect by engaging communities, allowing people to share important local information and watch out for each other.

Enlarging their dedicated IT developers at a suitable cost

IdeaHQ already had a great onshore team in New Zealand with 4 fulltime developers. In order to strengthen their team and to transfer responsibility for the maintenance and development of new features for Neighbourly, IdeaHQ was looking for an IT service center capable of providing a dedicated team of offshore developers at an efficient cost.

Code quality and maintainability

To meet all requirements, we have built up a team of 3 PHP developers who experienced in debug and system investigation. The team work with IdeaHQ members, consult and suggest solutions to fix bugs. We continuously implement new features in order to improve the user experience and to perfect the app. The team also committed their technical skills to promise a long business vision of IdeaHQ.

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Bocasay Vietnam - A trusted IT partner for complete solutions

After attempting offshore development a handful of times with mixed results, IdeadHQ chose and entrusted Bocasay for their IT production. IdeaHQ has been incredibly impressed with our developers' speed and quality of work, and how proactive we are at finding bugs and fixing them.

"Our team of Bocasay developers often go beyond our expectations with their skills and work ethic. We expected successful offshore development to require a lot more hand-holding, but because of the Bocasay mentors, the team find their own solutions without help from us. Code quality and maintainability are high priorities for us and with Bocasay we know our products are in safe hands." Mikey McLellan - IdeaHQ CTO.

IdeaHQ & Bocasay - Great partners in co-creating innovation

IdeaHQ is creating innovation by bringing new ideas, investments and partnerships into the digital world. Bocasay supports this great team and reinforces their technical department in turning their ideas to opportunities.

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