Client case study – Eurovet

Development and maintenance of Eurovet’s digital platforms with Wordpress CMS.

Discover how Bocasay supports Eurovet, a world leader in the organization of lingerie and swimwear trade shows.

Project environment.

Eurovet, a world leader in the organization of professional trade shows related to lingerie and beachwear, organizes international events in Paris, Cannes, Lyon, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, and Moscow.

With a strong international culture, providing professional services from the start, Eurovet has built its reputation by creating events in strategic parts of the world, whether they’re meeting platforms used as commercial development accelerators, image catalysts, as well as sources of innovation and inspiration for the companies they support on every continent.

Developing and maintaining a complex multisite platform.

Eurovet was looking for a technical service provider capable of resuming the development and maintenance of an entire front-end digital platform they had developed with WordPress, as well as linking it (via APIs) to the back-office information system.

Eurovet has a very complete front-end and back-end office information system with numerous websites for the various trade shows and the management of their customers and visitors through a large centralized database. There is the main site, as well as other variations for the exhibitions, which allows the Eurovet marketing team to autonomously create and manage the different websites. Everything is interconnected to the database and to the CRM, allowing them to access and manage all customer and visitor contact information worldwide.

"The project started with a planning phase, which allowed us to define the functional parameters of the project. Bocasay supported us in defining our needs in particular by mobilizing a consultant in support of the project manager who provided clear and accurate responses to all our technical inquiries."

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We have set up a dedicated team with 3 full-stack developers and a technical project manager.

Agile organization to optimize delivery time.

Our team was put into direct contact with Eurovet’s operational project manager. We implemented communication, ticketing and versioning tools, as well as development and pre-production environments to test all the deliverables prior to online publishing. An agile organization was established providing weekly and daily points and updates.

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